Innovative products unveiled at show

Eurosigns boast brand new LED and VMS highway signs at Seeing is Believing. Eurosigns’ wide range of eco-friendly and innovative LED and VMS highway signs received lots of positive feedback from this year’s Seeing is Believing exhibition. As the UK’s largest manufacturer of highway related signs, Eurosigns, is constantly researching and developing innovative products to offer a comprehensive range of solutions.

With councils and highway agents under increased pressure to meet health and safety targets to make our roads as safe as possible, Jonalan Vaughan, Sales Manager of Eurosigns, comments: “Our new range of LED products received a vast amount of interest at the exhibition as they have been designed specifically to improve safety, reduce maintenance and reduce the running costs of illuminated signs. These LED signs, along with our brand new solar powered solution Solis Pole, have a dramatic impact in reducing the carbon footprint. The use of low voltage also creates a safer environment and having no external light source eliminates line-of-sight obstructions to high ride vehicles.”

With Carbon Emissions Reduction Targets (CERT) constantly pressurising the use of renewable energies, Eurosigns introduced the stand-alone application, Solis Pole, which is the most efficient solar capture method encased in an aesthetically pleasing design. It is cost effective and sustainable and ideal for Pedestrian areas, steps, car parks, cycle ways, garden paths and remote locations.

Eurosigns also displayed its VMS Vital Tri-Sign, a rotating prism projecting variable messaging signs, which benefits from its unique minimum friction, self-lubricating drive system. The Tri-Sign, which carries UK Highways Agency certification, is primarily manufactured from rich aluminium, for its maximum strength and minimum weight qualities. The Tri-Sign can be powered by a multiple of options including solar power.

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