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Lighting Arm & Solar Paddle

The LED Lighting Arm is designed to illuminate 600mm road signage and can be retro-fitted to existing road sign posts. With its ultra-efficient, year round guaranteed performance and energy saving lighting, the Light Arm has an anticipated life of ten years.

The Solar Paddle is a robust solar powered adapter that can be retro-fitted to existing road sign posts in order to provide illumination of road signs independent of mains power. Incorporating lithium battery technology, the Solar Paddle attaches to the top of existing road sign posts and provides energy for illuminating the LED road sign or existing signs.


Features of the LED Lighting Arm

  • Easy installation

  • Energy saving LED lighting

  • No mains connection


Benefits of the Solar Paddle

  • 20W of patented solar panel with shade tolerant design

  • Paddle can be rotated on installation to maximise solar energy capture

  • Self contained and easy to install